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Our Story

Join us in discovering the story of how unique design, innovation and outstanding quality has shaped Atelier Bordelle through the years. Scroll down to discover where we are now and how it all began.



What Lies Beneath

Join us on a journey into the depths of the unknown. The AW21/22 Collection draws inspiration from the multitude of colours and textures found deep in the ocean.

The bespoke embroidered tulle collection takes its name from Aurelia Aurita, a bioluminescent species of jellyfish found deep in the ocean. Never before seen, the collection offers an exciting new colourway woven with extraordinary glow-in-the-dark threads that illuminate the night.

Ula, meaning ‘Jewel of the Sea’, is a contemporary combination of luxurious bodywear and modern showpieces. Bondage-inspired elements encapsulating the Bordelle aesthetic are paired with a brand new foiled mesh to create a unique pearlescent shine.

Curated Design, Mindfully Revived | Rey II

Unforeseen circumstances and uncertainties resulted in a surplus in fabric from our Rey collection. In an effort to reduce waste and encourage fabric revival, we have mindfully designed REY II. We’re continuing to reuse, reduce and recycle with more sustainable fabric options each season. The Rey fabrics are spun from two recycled yarns; a soft and breathable open-knit mesh and luxuriously smooth, contouring jersey*. Rey II utilises these fabrics from our SS21 Rey Collection, optimising our usages and avoiding waste.


Dangerously Beautiful

That which is dangerous to us can often draw us in with its beauty.

Designed and developed from start to finish during the 2020 pandemic, SS21 showcases a unique selection of pieces inspired by the beautiful and sometimes devastating Mother Nature.

Named after volcano Mauna Kea, the sensual Kea range showcases a bespoke Swiss embroidered voile in vibrant colourways, with a hand-drawn design outlining a contour map of Icelandic glaciers and waterways.

Rey, shortened from Reynisfjara, is named after an infamously dangerous black sand beach on the South Coast of Iceland. Soft recycled fabrics in contemporary shapes are contrasted with bespoke oversized components inspired by motorbike machinery.

You can read more about our sustainability mission here.

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